Silurian ADJECTIVE Geology referring to the third period of the Palaeozoic era (between the Ordovician and Devonian periods, about 439 to 409 million years ago), a time when the first fish and land plants appeared.
ORIGIN from Silures, the Latin name of a people of ancient Wales.

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  • Silurian — Si*lu ri*an, a. [From L. Silures, a people who anciently inhabited a part of England and Wales.] (Geol.) Of or pertaining to the country of the ancient Silures; a term applied to the earliest of the Paleozoic eras, and also to the strata of the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • silurian — SILURIÁN, Ă, silurieni, e, s.n., adj. 1. s.n. A treia perioadă a erei paleozoice care se caracterizează prin sedimentări de calcar, de gresie, de şisturi argiloase, prin apariţia primelor plante terestre şi prin dezvoltarea nevertebratelor marine …   Dicționar Român

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